3.25We've done some forum cleanup. Inactive threads have been archived, and the Archives category has been compressed into a "History" forum and sub-forums. It's located in the OOC area at the bottom of the site.

2.18We've added site links where the extra staff box is.

2.17We've revamped our Tumblr skin to make posts easier to follow. Suggestions for Tumblr posts are always welcome.

2.15 The cbox has been updated. Members may register now, and the new chats will alert us with a sound. Guests are able to post in the cbox still.

2.12 We've added a clock to the bulletin board forum description. Now you can find out what time it is for Brock and if she's likely to be online. We also changed the log-in box to display a current want ad.

2.04 As promised, the "History of Splendora" guide is up! It's a long but interesting read, and its posts are styled like pages from a history book.

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For lack of interest garnered, Competition is going offline, with no reopening in the foreseeable future. Anyone interested in bringing it back, leave a message in the chat box. Members can still log in and post.
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